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 Aws Course Set Up

Section Overview

Create an AWS Account

Install Putty for Windows

AWS Overview

Exploring the AWS Account and Services Layer

Exploring the AWS Physical and Networking Layer

Essential CSA Terminology

Shared Security Responsibility Model and Attributes

AWS Object Storage: S3, Glacier

S3 Essentials

S3 Components

S3 Feature

Creating an S3 Object

Managing S3 Buckets

S3 Object Version Control

S3 Activity: Create Your Own S3 Bucket and Object



All About IAM

Manage Identities with IAM

All About STS and Active Directory

Activity: Use IAM to Create a Group, User, and Role


EC2 Description

EC2 Instance Types

EC2 EBS Volumes Types

Actity: Launch Instances

EC2 Security Group

—-Windows Instances

Windows Instance Support

AMI Creation

AMI EBS vs Instance

ELastic Load Balancer

Cloud Watch

AWS Command Line Interface

EC2 and IAM Roles

BootStrap Script and mechanism

Instance Metadata

EC2 Activity: Launch A bootstrap

EC2 Autoscaling Overview

EC2 Placement Groups

Elastic File System

EC2 Container services (ECS)

ECS Cluster

ECS Tasks Defination

ECS Services

ECS Scheduling

ECS Container Agent

ECS Security


Activity: Implement an RDS Database


Section Overview

All About VPC

Understanding CIDR

VPC Hands-on


VPC Network Access Control Lists (NACL)

VPC Flow Logs

VPC Peering

Application Services

Section Overview

Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Activity: Create an SNS Notification

DevOps Curriculum

What is DevOps

History Of DevOps

Why DevOps


GIT Introduction


GIT Terminology

Installing GIT

Configuration, Clone and GIT Basic workflow

GIT Commands

Steps to GIT Commit,Push and Pull

GIT Tags

GIT Stash


Introduction to Docker Community Edition

Installing Docker on CentOs

Running a Container

Introduction to Docker Images

The components of a Dockerfile

Managing Images

Using Docker Registries

Docker Networking

Built-In Network Drivers

Creating a Docker Network

Docker Inspect

Docker Hub

Docker Storage

Docker Swarm


Jenkins Introduction

Installing Jenkins on Windows and Linux

Creating Free Style Projects

Creating Pipeline Project for Build,Test and Report

Configuration of Jenkins

Jenkins Blue Ocean

Jenkins with Docker


What is Ansible

How Ansible Works

Ansible Installation

Ansible Configuration


Ansible Roles

Ansible Vaults