Azure Devops Training In HYD | Azure Devops Training In Hyd, Ameerpet

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Microsoft Azure Devops Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Understanding Cloud Computing
  • Benefit and Feature of Cloud Computing
  • Explain on Platform as a Service (PaaS), SaaS, IaaS
  • Cloud Trends
  • Public and Private Cloud
  • Principles of Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Depth explain on Virtualization
  • Architecture of Cloud Computing
  • Major Player on Cloud Infrastructure

Getting Start with Microsoft Azure

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • Explains on Azure Platform
  • Getting Access to Azure
  • Explain on Azure Resource Manager
  • Using Azure Portal
  • Manage Azure using Azure Portal
  • Manage Azure using Power Shell
  • Understanding on Management Services
  • Create and View Resources
  • Explain on Azure services

Visual studio Online  

  • Overview of VSTS
  • Create VSTS Account
  • Roles And Responsibilities in Vsts
  • Create Project and User mapping to vsts
  • VSTS Access to Different roles
  • Project management using vsts
  • Test case Management through vsts
  • Methodologies In VSTS(SCRUM,AGILE,CMMI)
  • Deployment Group Creation
  • Configure the VSTS service in the virtual machines
  • Agent management in the VSTS
  • Capacity Planning using VSTS
  • Can Ban Board Management
  • Scrum Management

Repository Management/Branch Management

  • Create the New repository
  • Create the Master branch
  • Create the Own Branches based on the developer requirement
  • Branch merging
  • Import Repository from Outside of the vsts to vsts
  • Creating Pull Requests And Accepting Pull Requests

CI/CD Process Using Vsts and Azure

  • Task Creation Based on the Application Repository
  • Create the CI Process
  • Build Setup
  • Environments Setup
  • Authenticate Build to Azure Web service
  • Failover Mechanism
  • Load balancing
  • Cluster Creation for Load Balancing
  • Continues Integration Setup
  • Test Cases Build
  • Build alerts Configuration
  • IAAS Deployments
  • PAAS Deployments
  • Micro Services Deployment using Azure
  • Alerts Configuration Using Azure
  • Arm Build and Release Templates Creation
  • Build And deployments through PowerShell
  • Build And Deployments Authentication and authorization

Working with Azure Storage

  • Explain on Standard and Premium Storage
  • Understanding Azure Storage Services (Blob, File, Table, Queue)
  • Azure Storage Architecture
  • Create Storage account
  • How to create Blob, File using Azure Portal and PowerShell
  • Customizing VM Storage

Working with Azure App service

  • Overview of App Service
  • Deployment in App Service
  • Deploy and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Traffic Manager

Working with Replication, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Understanding on Replication
  • Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Replication
  • Failover with Azure
  • Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery
  • Implementing Azure Backup
  • Best practices on Replication and Backup policy

Working with Azure SQL Database

  • Overview of SQL Database on Azure
  • How to Deploy Azure SQL Database
  • Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database
  • Managing Azure SQL Database security
  • Monitoring SQL Database in Azure
  • Managing Azure SQL DB recovery
  • Import and Export Data

Working with Active Directory

  • Overview of Active Directory
  • Why need AD for Azure
  • Active Directory Configuration in Azure
  • Domain Controller in Azure
  • AD Federated Services in Azure
  • Custom domain
  • Monitoring Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Management and Automation
  • Overview of Management activities on Azure
  • Supporting Tools on Management
  • Azure SDK
  • Explain on Azure PowerShell Management
  • VM and Template Management
  • Azure VM agent

Best Practices and Certification Tips