Power Bi Training in Hyderabad | Power BI Training In Hyderabad

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Chapter 1: Introducing Power BI                                                                                

ü Introduction to Power BI

ü Getting started with Power BI

ü Power BI Installation

ü Introducing natural-language queries

ü Introducing Quick Insights

ü Introduction to Report and Report Design

ü Introducing Visual Interactions

ü Power BI Desktop & Power BI Services

ü Building blocks of Power BI

ü Understanding Desktop & Mobile Editions

ü Report Rendering Options and End User Access

ü Data Flow and Work Flow Architecture


Chapter 2: Creating Power BI Reports    


ü Report Design using TXT, CSV, xlsx

ü Report Design using Databases & Queries

ü Repot Data Sources and Dataset Queries

ü Query Settings and Data Preloads

ü Dataset Properties and Report Fields

ü Navigation Options and Report Refresh

ü Computed Columns & Column Splits

ü Working with external data sources

ü Working with import and direct query

ü Creating custom table in the Power BI

ü Merge Queries and Append Queries

ü Remove columns and split columns

ü Choosing required columns in the data


Chapter 3: Report Customizations & Parameters        


ü Working with Data Visualizations & Cards

ü Tables, Matrix, Charts, Bars, Sparkline, Pie, Maps

ü Creating and Working with Parameters

ü Dynamic and Dependant Parameters

ü Static and Dynamic Filters – Usage Options

ü Navigator Options and Parameter Mapping

ü Creating and Working with groups

ü Managing the null values and errors

ü Managing data types in Query editor

ü Column Delimiters and Relationships Management

Chapter 5: Using Power BI Desktop

ü Cube Reports with OLAP Databases

ü DAX Expressions with Power View

ü DAX Calculations and Measures

ü Improving the report by using measures

ü Integrating from multiple objects

ü Working with Power BI Views

ü Working with Data Hierarchies

ü In-built slicers and custom slicers

ü Working with reference lines

ü Working with Power pivot data model

ü Working with data modeling

ü Using DAX in data models

ü Working with DAX Functions

ü Calculated Measures & Parameters with DAX

ü Creating high-density reports

ü Working with Pivot & Unpivot columns

ü Different external data source


Chapter 4: Report Dashboards & Data Refresh

ü Publishing Reports to PowerBI Account

ü Dashboards and Pinning Options

ü Dynamic Data Sources and Encryptions

ü Dashboards from multiple reports

ü Installing the Power BI Personal Gateway

ü Configuring automatic refresh

ü Working with MY WORK SPACE group

ü Workbooks and Alerts with PowerBI

ü Applied steps in query editor

 Chapter 6: Data from Services & Content Packs      

 ü Consuming a service content pack

ü Creating a custom data set from a service

ü Working with Pivot & Un Pivot columns

ü Creating index and custom columns

ü Group By functionality in Query Editor

ü Applied steps in query editor

ü Managing Gateways & Content Packs

ü Defining relationships between tables

ü Creating a custom table with range

ü Publishing a report to Power BI Services

ü Power BI as a Service

ü Creating high-density reports

ü Creating custom visualizations for Power BI

ü Pushing Real-time data to Power BI